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November 7, 2019 

6:50 pm

7:25 pm (no entry after this time)

8:30 pm.

Eve, Encinitas, California

Join Mona Motwani for a one-woman performance piece about metamorphosis, finding the light within the darkness, and the journey home. You are invited to witness a raw, emotion-filled (and comedic) PRAYERformance depicting the story of Mona's soul in a way that is healing and transformative. Be prepared to FEEL, laugh, maybe sing, and be inspired!

In this monologue style performance, Mona will recreate the story of moving from successful human rights lawyer to being bedridden through late-stage Lyme Disease, an illness that disabled her for 13 years, traumatic brain injury, complex PTSD, anxiety, depression, and the traveling the path of spiritual evolution while being in a human body.

This courageous story is about surrender and finding freedom in the places we believe we cannot find it. 

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