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Living and Working in Paradise: the Rise of the 'Digital Nomad'


The Philanthropists

Article in the quarterly Sindhian magazine

Would you pack up your desk to become a Digital Nomad?

Healthwatch Bay Area: Lyme Disease Patient Fights Insurer


Mona’s story is featured in...

An anthology about 50 inspirational women from around the world who have persevered through hardship such as armed conflict, genocide, and health obstacles.


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Mona is a featured member of Hubud, a Forbes-featured coworking space and community.

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Adversity: The gifts of Lyme Disease and Becoming an Entrepreneur, Interview with Mona Motwani.

Mona Featured on Lydia Lee's Podcast, Screw the Cubicle

PechaKucha Night Ubud 32 - When Life Hands You Lyme. Public Talk

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