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Mona is a unique person with a beautiful spirit. Her personal story is remarkable in what she endured but what makes her most incredible is how she continues to inspire people by sharing her journey. What most set her apart for me is how she inspired my children through her talk. I was so happy to have my kids listen to her and her talk about her life. She doesn't shy away from the truth but she delivers in a kind and empathetic way. She is the type of role model we need in this world.

Christopher Thompson

Co-Founder, The Bridge at Green School, Former Director and General Manager, The Green School, Bali. Former VP and GM Asia Manager, EA.

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Mona is a powerhouse; when she steps on stage, the best parts of her come through and are amplified. She packs so much energy, courage, depth and aliveness into her talks that I leave feeling like I’ve been on an amazing adventure. She’s funny, engaging, and speaks the depths of her truth with ease. I truly believe Mona is meant to be speaking on stages inspiring others with the wisdom she has received from her life journey.

Tracey Abbott, M.A., CPCC

Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant, On Purpose Leadership

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Mona is one of the few people that I invite over and over again to speak at my retreats. Not just because her story is so moving and impactful for my clients, but because her story and journey is perpetually deepening, and her insight is always evolving-- So I learn something new from her every time too. What I admire most about her is that she does it all with complete humility, even though she is obviously a woman of many talents who has survived one of life's toughest blows-- a chronic, painful and deeply misunderstood disease. She fully inhabits a humble strength and rare authenticity, not sugar-coating anything, but saying it with a kind of conviction that is empowering.  In a world of personal development that is full of fake gurus and huge egos, she is a breath of fresh air.

Renee Martyna

Founder of WIT (Women in Transition) Global Retreat, Co-owner Hubud Co-working Space, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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When Mona spoke at the Women in Transition Retreat, it felt like an angel was amongst us. She is the most evolved soul who delicately and gently shared the enlightenment she’s receiving through her navigation of chronic illness. She showed grace and dignity and resilience and is a truly inspirational person and teacher. Of the many gifts she gave that day she taught me that illness can be a gift not a curse if we’re willing to tune to the wisdom of our bodies and the magic of life. Her voice is important and meeting her through her speaking work changed my perspective in a profound way

Juliette Morgan

Head of Campus at British Land, United Kingdom.


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Totally inspiring!!! I loved Mona's honesty, humility and transparency! Incredible story, for sure!

Denise Headd

Denise Headd, Senior VP Marketing, Heritage Fare, Limited. Love Ambassador, the Way To True Love, Cleveland, Ohio, United States

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I felt like my own journey mirrored Mona’s in some aspects, so hearing her perspective and how she had navigated the vicissitudes of her own life with such grace and integrity was incredibly helpful (and gave me some much needed hope!)  Mona introduced a variety of concepts and modalities which have aided my own healing journey.  Her tenacity, sensitivity, compassion and wisdom have been a cornerstone of inspiration and support.

Margot Baldwin

Freelance Medical Writer, South Africa


When Mona speaks, she’s magnetic. All eyes are fixed on her, hanging on her every word. People sense there is a deep lesson for them in the listening — and they are not disappointed. She was born for this.

Shira Kates, MBA

Tech Entrepreneur

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I was profoundly moved and inspired hearing Mona speak so eloquently about her journey and her illness. Her talk was full of thoughtful insights, deep compassion and remarkable courage.

Holly Kerr

Postgraduate Researcher on Women and Purpose, University of East London, United Kingdom

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My big takeaways from Mona's talk is that you can have new beginnings, your personal desire can show up in different roles, the importance of the messages your mind sends to your body. She is a great example of someone who figured a way through physical crisis and what living as an integrated person looks like.

Tara Huber, PhD

Professional Coach/Former scientist, Singapore

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I loved having Mona as a guest speaker for Your Next Big Thing retreat, and her story very much inspired the participants!  Her infectious energy, vulnerability, and transparency about her journey of corporate transition to entrepreneur, personal lessons learned, and her path to being an empowered changemaker was so valuable at the retreat.  I highly recommend

Lydia Lee

Founder, Screw The Cubicle


I'll always remember the presentation Mona gave. Mona wove her story from attorney to ecommerce entrepreneur throughout an extremely content-rich information session. Attendees were looking around the room making faces in amazement at what Mona had been able to accomplish, because of the accessible and personable way in which she presented complex information. Mona changed my life that day, the seed was planted and I went on to launch my own ecommerce business which will cross into $1million in sales this month, 9 months since launching. Mona's been an angel, mentor, and friend on this journey and I'll always remember her speaking at that event!

Elizabeth Grojean

Founder and CEO, Baloo Living

Oliver Lucas

Mona’s rise through adversity to create something meaningful is inspiring and something we can all take learnings from. In facing and overcoming illness, on multiple occasions, Mona is proof that with strength of mind almost any challenge can be met. As a speaker she captivates audiences and takes them on a journey, using a perfect blend of humility, humour, and truth. Mona is a special and unique person who as a special talent to share

Oliver Lucas

Entrepreneur and Customer Insight Director, UK