I am a human rights lawyer turned entrepreneur, speaker, performer, and humanitarian here to empower others and usher in a global awakening in human consciousness.  I speak about personal transformation, overcoming adversity, and emotional intelligence. I know and believe we are able to bring in a new paradigm for humanity, not only in the way we treat other human beings and this planet, but how we treat ourselves. My passion is sharing and connecting with people from all over the world. I have been invited to speak in various settings, including the United Nations, Stanford Business School, the Silicon Valley Tech Forum, and the Hive Global Leaders Summit.


I worked as a lawyer on behalf of children with disabilities, homeless populations, protecting survivors of torture from human rights abusers, and advocating for women and children at the United Nations in post-war Sarajevo. I co-founded Spark, a nonprofit that funds and advocates for grass roots women’s groups all over the world. Spark grew to be one of the largest networks of millennial donors in the world supporting global women’s empowerment and has now merged with Global Fund for Women.


When I was a lawyer working for underserved populations, life decided it had other plans for me and shut me down completely with my greatest challenge - and greatest gift - late-stage Lyme Disease, traumatic brain injury, autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression, and complex PTSD. The illness and trauma kept me bedridden, in a wheelchair, attached to an IV pole, or in need of caretakers for most of 13 years. This journey led me to a deep pilgrimage of the soul, and my true calling has been sharing insights I have found on my way back to health, wholeness, and a life of thriving. I have been invited to speak to entrepreneurs, leaders, and those undergoing personal and professional transition and hardship.


I launched an ecommerce business and became CEO of my own wellness brand while living as a "digital nomad" in Bali. This total career change gave me the financial freedom and time to create the container for deep emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. This growth was the catalyst for my speaking and writing work, and the work I continue to do in the world. My latest creation is a one woman show called Monamorphosis: Finding Freedom, a transformational art live performance about my life story, inspiring others to connect to their own hero’s journey through the power of feeling. It is and has always been my mission to be of service to others. The way in which I get to do that is very different from the way I did that as a lawyer. Above all, I am an alchemist, and my dive into the darkest nights of the soul over 15 years has given me the honor to be of service in a new way to this planet. 





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Tracey Abbott, M.A., CPCC
Executive Coach & Organizational Consultant, OnPurpose Leadership


Mona is a powerhouse. When she steps on stage, the best parts of her are amplified. She packs so much energy, courage, depth and aliveness into her talks, that I leave feeling like I’ve been on an amazing adventure. She’s funny, engaging, and speaks the depths of her truth with ease. Mona is meant to speak on stage, inspiring others with the wisdom of her life's journey.

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